About us

The Train-hotel inc. offers a trip on a Piano bar Railcar attached to the actual day train between Montreal and NY. Train-Hotel is also offering from time to time special trips between St-Jean-sur Richelieu, Bromont, Magog et Sherbrooke. Those are firs steps in order to eventually operate overnight trains Montreal-NY and Montreal-Maine-Boston.

We are all waiting for a high speed train linking Montreal and NY, but because of the high cost of the project, we may not see it in the short run. If we cannot go faster, why not making time disappear in another way: comfortably sleeping on a train? On the contrary than a high speed train that necessitates a complete reconfiguration of the railway, an overnight train could well ride in total safety on the actual railway at the same speed than the actual train. It is the same for Boston. The actual railway allows for an overnight train at the necessary speed for arriving in the morning at destination.

On the Train-Hotel, the passengers will have the possibility of sleeping in a private bedroom with access to a lounge and a dining car. The Train-Hotel, arriving at its destinations in the morning, will offer a leisurely and comfortable means of transportation.


Economic Impact

Transporting more than 50,000 tourists, our trains will have a determinant direct economic impact notwithstanding that, they will facilitate market development of entrepreneurs from both sides of the border.

New York is the economic capital of the world and is located at one overnight ride from Montreal! How many visitors to NY will decide to add one stay to Montreal? How many North-East residents will decide to take the train to come to the Montreal’s festivals? This project will make Montreal shine in the economic heart of the world! Actually, it is about 500,000 tourists, 25% of the international tourism Montreal, that are coming from the US Northeast. And Montreal as not fill up! In fact, according to a poll, more than 8 Millions of US North-east residents wish to visit Quebec in the following year.

 The overnight trains would particularly help to boost the north parts of NY and New England states tourism because a lot of the passengers will get to know the existence of those destinations on the train (for example: Saratoga Springs Racetrack, Hudson river, White and Green mountains…). The strategy would be to inform the passengers on board of the different options that they could have on top of the well known final destinations. Since there are no intermediary stops during a flight, and not a lot of sight seeing of those destinations on the highways, some trains with stops to all those destinations could be considered as a good way to diversify the tourists destinations in the Northeast region.


The Business Plan

 Actually operating the day train, Amtrak is offering its collaboration to operate the overnight trains if we can secure the access to the railway. Via Rail is also offering its collaboration for the leasing and the maintenance of the rolling stock in Montreal. The governments of the 5 US States that our trains are crossing are supporting the projects as well as the Municipal elected officials of both sides of the border. The Mayor of Montreal, Tourisme Montréal, the Major International Events Group, the Quebec Tourism Industry Association and Evenko support the project.

Trough the realization of technical reports, we have been able to demonstrate the feasibility of our two trains projects: We could operate safely some overnight trains on the proposed routes without affecting the actual freight operations and major capital investments on the tracks. We have obtained private investment that has allowed us to realize those technical reports and to secure the support of the governments along the routes and started the negotiations with all the railroads. We also have obtained intention letters from investors that are interested to finance the operation of the trains after the access agreements are obtained with the railroads.

A flight ticket between Montreal and NY or Boston cost regularly more than 1,000$ while the car trip is not anymore an option for more and more urban people that have exchange their car for a subway pass! There is the bus, but is ti for a very long trip like that? While the actual train between Montreal and NY is taking about 11 hours during the day, why not having a train where we could be entertained and sleep all night long to arrive fresh and relaxed to the destination.

In the objective of generating revenue to finance the negotiations and also to get more support along, Train-Hotel inc operates since last March a “Piano Bar Railcar” attached on the actual Amtrak day train between Montreal and NY”


Management Team

François Rebello, a successful entrepreneur who founded Groupe investissement responsable (GIR) and who developed a strong network of decision-makers in the North American northeast during a five-year experience as member of the Quebec National Assembly, has gathered a group of strong leaders to manage this project.

Hon. Richard Bennett, recent chairman of an important international corporate governance company and former President of the Maine State Senate adds considerable credibility to this team.{:}